Hello I am Darrin Lewis,  as a Sales  Counselor exclusively to Houston Memorial Gardens Cemetery (HMG), I possess over 25  years of public and customer service experience.

I enjoy working with customers who select Houston Memorial Gardens Cemetery. HMG is a trusted cemetery organization and they have a heart for the Houston community. I along with HMG believes your decision to purchase cemetery property and monuments are important choices.

As a skilled counselor I am committed to deliver professional services exclusively at Houston Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Inc. It is my philosophy that discussions on cemetery services, product and final plans,  are  symbolic and  should be carefully chosen to express those sentiments and feelings you wish to convey.

Whether you or your family require cemetery property (burial plots/ grave sites) or a mausoleum, I am qualified to offer these services along with counsel that is both warm and sincere in assisting you to make  a selection(s) that will give you lasting satisfaction.